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QUILICI Jean-Claude
Size (cm)
45x29 cm

Biographie de QUILICI Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude QUILICI


Indeed, Jean-Claude Quilici’s work owes its strength and uniqueness to his ability to represent natural light. More significantly however, his work owes much to modern expressionism, which is embodied and revealed in each of his pieces. Having retained the lessons of the landscape Masters of southern France, Jean-Claude Quilici is unquestionably the best representative of provincial expressionism today.



Jean-Claude Quilici was born of Corsican origin in the heart of Marseille in 1941. Today, he lives and works in Paris, France.

1941                     Born in Marseille to Corsican parents

                                               Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Marseille and a private academy

1958                     First exhibition at the "Plano", Marseille

1960                     First prize at the Union des Arts Plastiques, Marseille

1961                     First prize at the Salon de la Mer, Marseille

1965                     Galerie Vanel, Toulon

1967                     Galerie du Casino, Cherbourg

1971                     Washington Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

1973                     Capitol Art Centre, Atlanta G.A.

1975                     Art Circle 74, New York N.Y.

1976                     Artistic advisor for film "Forms and Colours" by New Mexican film-maker A.                      Giran

1977                     Galerie des Maitres Contemporains, Aix-en-Provence

1980                     Galerie M.G., Grenoble

1982                     Galerie d’art de la Place Beauvau, Paris

1983                     Murals for Ecole et Centre Social Fontcolombe, Marseille

                             Decorations for the Julien subway station, Marseille

                             Mural measuring 40m x 4m for University of Corte

1984                     Galerie Santica, Kobe

1986                     Tokyo - Shizuoka - Osaka – Fukuoka

1989                     Designer's Corner Gallery Inc., Philadelphia P.A.

1990                     Exposition Tesser Gallery, London

                             Dimension Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka

                             Travel Exhibition  Vision Nouvelle, Japon

                             Espace Diamant, Ajaccio

                             Exhibition Tesser Gallery, Londres, UK

1992                     La Galerie, Ajaccio For the new album of Lithograph "Amour de la Corse",                          France

                             Galerie Salvany, Clermont-Ferrand, France

1993                     Travel Exhibition  Vision Nouvelle, in Japan : Tokyo, Fukuoka...

                             Galerie Raugraff, Nancy, France

                             Sun Gallery, Paris : "Lumière de Méditerranée", France

1994                     Galerie Lacydon, Marseille, France

                             Sun Gallery, Paris : "Amour de la Corse", France

                             Galerie Mazarin, Toulon, France

1995                     La Galerie, Ajaccio, France

                             Sun Gallery, Paris : "Les Pueblos de la Vallée du Rio Grande", France

                             Galerie Salvany, Clermond-Ferrand, France

                             Galerie de l'Université, Lyon , France

1996                     Sun Gallery, Paris : "L'Algarve", France

                             Galerie Mazarin, Toulon, France

                             Left Bank Art Gallery, St Simons Island, USA 

1997                     La Galerie, Ajaccio, France

                             Opéra Gallery, Singapour

                             Galerie Lacydon, Marseille, France

1998                     Galerie Mazarin, Toulon, France

                             Galerie Le Chevalet d'Eon, Salon de Provence, France

1999                     Galerie Raugraff, Nancy, France

                             Galerie Vauban, Dijon, France

                             Sun Gallery, Paris : "Corrida", France

                             La Galerie, Ajaccio, France 

2000                     Galerie Antinéa, Marseille, France

                             Opera Gallery, New-York USA 

2002                     Opera Gallery, Singapour

2003                     Opera Gallery, Paris, France

2004                     Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, France

                             La Galerie Ajaccio, France

                             Galerie le Chevalet d'Eon, Salon de Provence, France

2005                     Galerie Mazarin, Toulon, France

                             Galerie Fabien Mathieu, Toulouse, France

2006                     Opera Gallery, Singapour

                             La Galerie Ajaccio, France

                             Galerie Lacydon, Marseille, France

2007                     Galerie le Chevalet d'Eon Salon de Provence

                             Opera Gallery Hong-Kong 



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Galerie Lacydon---Marseille

Galerie Le chevalet d’eon---Salon de provence

Galerie Opera---Paris. New-york. London. Miami, Hong-kong. Singapore. Venice