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HOFFMANN Godwin : SUITE I - original aquatinta print by Godwin HOFFMANN

SUITE I - original aquatinta print by Godwin HOFFMANN
550.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ďż˝ Without frame)
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
57x45 cm

Biographie de HOFFMANN Godwin


Godwin Hoffmann works with very strict rules of composition.

This harshness doesn't exclude brush traces and paint leakage: the evidences of the pictural gesture.

His rigorous approach of art, plays with "forms" on paper or canvas. The support itself becomes an important part of the artwork.

His work, especially the one done with drawing charcoal, has been compared to the preparatory sketches of a sculptor.

" My artistic evolution has been determined by distance and abstraction.

On one side my quest for knowledge and truth inherited from my education, on the other side I look for the elementary, the origin, sensuality and the touch.

Obtaining a thick black that seems to absorb all light, pretending to the absolute.

This kind of work is very demanding"


Godwin Hoffmann

Automne 1994



Born in Buchenbeuren, West Germany


Studies at Staatlische Kunstrakademie de Düsseldorf


Graduated from Meisterschüler


Move to Strasbourg, France.


New workshop in Neuwiller Lès Saverne in France, works and lives there since then.


Godwinn Hoffmann has been showing his artworks since 1969 in Germany, Switzerland, France and then from 1982 onward in others European countries and Usa.


Some of his latest exhibitions:


Personnel exhibitions



Foraum, Galerie Brigitte Klebac, München.

  Vera Engelhorn Gallery, New York.


Vera Engelhorn Gallery, New York.

Museum im Ritterhaus, Offenburg.


Galerie Suzanne Fischer, Baden-Baden.

Galerie Brigitte V. Tempelhoff, Karlsruhe. Galerie Espace Suisse, Strasbourg.


Galerie Eric Linard, La Garde Adhémar.


Art et Partage, Clinique de l'Orangerie, Strasbourg.


Frac Alsace, Sélestat, (Godwin Hoffmann - Klaus Stöber).

Galerie George - Michel Kahn, Strasbourg.


g.h. et g.h. Peintures et travaux sur papier, galerie Espace suisse, Strasbourg.



Collective exhibitions



Goethe-Institut, Thessaloniki, Grèce.

Kunst in der Ortenau, Offenburg.

Sickingen-Kunstpreis, Theodor-Zinck-Museum, Kaiserslautern,RFA.

Daniel Henry Kahnweiler-Preis, Rockenhausen, RFA.


Vera Engelhorn Gallery, New York.

Toto-Lotto Kunstpreis, Coblence, Trève, RFA.

L'Abreuvoir, CEAAC, Prix de la Région d'Alsace.

Hommage à Marcelle Cahn, Le Faisant, Strasbourg.

Art Cologne, Vera Engelhorn Gallery, NY, Cologne.

Vera Engelhorn Gallery, New York.


Galerie Eric Linard, SAGA, Paris.

             23, Jahresausstellung der Gesellschaft Freunde junger Kunst Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. 6, Kunstpreis der Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen. Kunst in der Ortenau, Spitalspeicher, Offenburg, RFA.

La Laiterie, Strasbourg.

Galerie Forum, Munich.

Kunstpreis der Stadt Bühl für Zeichnung, Bühl.

Hommage à la galerie l'Expression, Galerie espace Suisse,Strasbourg.


Moving Space Gallery, Gand, Belgique.

5 ans d'acquisitions, FRAC Alsace, Sélestat/Strasbourg.

Künstler machen Schilder für Rottweil, Forum Kunst, Rottweil.

Galerie K., Paris. Galerie Espace Suisse, Strasbourg.


Galerie Eric Linard, SAGA, Paris. Frankfurter Buchmesse, Gal. V. Tempelhoff.


Galerie v. Tempelhoff, St'art 99, Strasbourg.

Galerie Bucciali, St'art 99, Strasbourg.

Galerie Eric Linard, FIAC, Paris.

CRAC Alsace, Eric Linard.


St'art, Galerie Bucciali, Strasbourg.

Objet lire, Galerie Espace Suisse, Strasbourg.

20 Jahre Künstlerkreis Offenburg.

24.Grobe Jahresausstellung, Gesellschaft der Freunde junger Kunst, Baden-Baden.


Moving Space Gallery, Gavere, Belgique.

Les Lauréats du CEAAC, St’art 2002, Strasbourg.

51 Artistes  édités par Eric Linard, Espace cloître Saint-Louis, Avignon.


Editions Rémy Bucciali, de l’interprétation, CRAC, Altkirch.

Abstractions Dé/Des constructions, CRAC, Altkirch.

Bilder aus Baden, Kunstsammlung der Badischen Stahlwerke, Foyer des EnBW Gebäudes, Karlsruhe, Allemagne.