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150.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ďż˝ Without frame)
CANINI Sylviane
Original etching handsigned by the artist
Rives paper & Himalaya paper
Size (cm)
22x22 cm

Biographie de CANINI Sylviane


Born in 1954 in Paris.
1977 graduate of the Fine Art Institute Nicolae Grigorescu, printing department in Bucharest, Romania.
“She prints traces of the body, translates the emotion of a movement, praises the fragility of her subject. 
Sylviane Canini is rooted in a classicism whose erudition and elegance is inherently appealing. In her work,
the drawing prays. An unfinished drawing, in suspension. A desire that is yet to arrive. Her figures seem to be
born under our gaze, similar to when we discover a fresco that is barely lit. “I like to hint at things," she says.
 “It allows people to dream and makes the figures universal”. Dreams that are accentuated by natural colours
of the earth, colours which, with the modesty of their tones, conceal a certain sensual delight. For this she
“uses the transparency of the paper, the inks and the stroke”. French but born to a Romanian father, at 19 she
decided to study fine art in Bucharest. She was seduced straight away by printing and was introduced to etching
and aquatint. She brought steel out of itself, liberated its features. Back in France, she was to cultivate her
technique and find her own style. A style which draws on the very source of art: encounters between
contemporary reality and the memory of time.”
Jean-Louis Pinte                            

Participation in print exhibitions: 
The “Trait”, Paris. Ljubljana Biennial, Yugoslavia. Maximo Ramos, Ferrol, Spain.
International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria. Sarcelles Biennial. Kanagawa Japan.
Galerie Echancrure Brussels, S.A.G.A Paris, Galerie Climats.
World Print Triennials, Chamalières. Salon d’Art Contemporain, Bouffemont.
The Salon de Mai, Paris.   F.I.A.C.  Galerie G. Piltzer. S.A.G.A. Galerie G. Piltzer.
Mois de la Gravure, Paris, Société des Peintres-Graveurs Français, Paris. Pyhäniemi Manor, Finland.
Exposition Visages, Florence and Daniel Guerlain Foundation.
2000-2005 Salon d’Automne Paris, Société des Peintres-Graveurs Français, Paris.
International Print Fair, Paris, Galerie l’Estampe
International Print Fair, Frankfurt, Galerie l’Estampe
ArtExpo New York, Galerie l’Estampe
Douro Portugal, Chamalières Print, ArtParis
Works on paper fair London (Mirroring Art)
Personal exhibitions: 
1989           Espace Ile-de-France AGF, Paris.
1991           Château La Boissière, Fontenay-aux-Roses.
1993           Galerie Climats Paris.
1994           S.A.G.A Paris                                                                                  
                  Galerie Antireflet Nantes
                  Wiesloch, Germany
1995           Galerie G. Piltzer, Paris
1999           Galerie Lacan, L’Estampe, Strasbourg
2003           Espace George Sand, Palaiseau
2005           Château St. Barbe, Fontenay-aux-Roses
                   Art Ensemble, Orangery of the Château de Marcoussis
Honourable mention at the Maximo Ramos Awards, Ferrol, Spain.
Corot Prize, City of Avray. - Bayeux Museum Prix.
City of Wiesloch Prize, Germany.
Winner of the Maximo Ramos Award, Ferrol, Spain.
French embassies in Madrid, Dublin, Beirut, Riga and Sydney
French consulates in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Germany
Barclay’s Bank, Paris
Museo “Bello Pinero”, Ferrol, Spain
Bibliothèque d’Art et Archéologie, Paris
Bibliothèque du musée Albert Ier, Brussels, Belgium
Artist’s book:
“Le disciple d’Oscar Wilde” published by Le Rouleau Libre.