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Original oil on canvas handsigned by the artist
Size (cm)
36x34 cm

Biographie de HUMAIR Daniel


 Born 23 may 1938 in Geneva Switzerland.

The dean of Europe’s modern jazz drummers, has been one of the international jazz community’s most respected and active musicians since the late-’50’s. His three decades of contributions to improvised music were recognised officially in 1986 when he was named “Chevalier des arts et des Lettres” and recently in 2001 “Commandeur des arts et Lettres” by the government of France.


Is recording career  now consist of around 250 albums, as a sideman, some of which have been award winning and over 10 albums in his name


Parallel to is musical career, DH is a professional painter working mainly with acrylic paint on paper, canvas, and prints since 1962. His abstract work is included in the permanent collections of the City of Paris, the Swiss Government and several public collections in Europe.

More then 150 galleries, cultural centers and museums have presented one man shows of Daniel Humair paintings.

He also combines his interests in the visual arts by appearing on the soundtracks to many films (e.g. Last Tango in Paris) 


He also played and composed the music to several films about the work of modern painters: Bram Van Velde, Jacques Monory, Peter Stampli, Yves Klein, Magnelli, Vlado Velickovic. 


Daniel Humair lives and works in Paris 












         Daniel Humair exhibits his paintings since 1965 in France and Switzerland.

2000 Box Gallery,Tokyo

Villa Tamaris, La Seyne sur Mer

Galerie MR, Angoulême

Centre d’Art contemporain, Noyers sur Serein


2001 Galerie Vieille du Temple, Paris

Centre d’Art contemporain, Bagneux

Centre d’art contemporain, Uzes


2002 Galerie Remy Bucciali, Colmar

Galerie Nelly Leplattenier, Lausanne

Galerie Nelly Leplattenier, La Chaux de Fonds


2003 Galerie Eric Linard Garde, Adhemar

Galerie La Passerelle, Auxerre

Galerie Nicole Buck, Strasbourg


2004 Galerie St Pierr, Limoges

Maison de la Culture, Niort

Affiche Roland Garros, Paris


2005 Galerie Le Garage, Orléans

Médiathèque, Orléans

Galerie MR, Angoulême


2006 Centre culturel l’Alan, Montbéliard

Centre culturel, Cosne sur Loire

Affiche Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval, Hauterives