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MALĂ„R Andrea : Noir et Gris 6 - original etching by Andrea MALĂ„R

Noir et Gris 6 - original etching by Andrea MALÄR
500.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ďż˝ Without frame)
MALĂ„R Andrea
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
76x56 cm

Biographie de MALĂ„R Andrea

Born in 1947 in Chur, Switzerland.

family life with wife and his three children Originally manufacture and electronic engineer, he developed mostly fro 1994 a very active professional artistic activity.

He started in 1968 with photography then ceramic in 1987-89 followed by wood carving in 1989-1994, bronze sculpture since 1995, original etching from 2000 and since 2001 sculpture with rusty steel.

The artist has three different places of work : Vilnez and zuoz in Switzerland and Beauvoisin in Provence.



He is now showing his work permanently at Galerie L'Estampe in Strasbourg.


Outdoor sculptures with the movement "Kunst Am Bau"

Indoor sculptures

Original etchings



Simplification is the key word for the work of Andrea Malar in original etching, monotype, metallic sculpture...

Simplification in creation and artistic expression but as well in the materials chosen to work with.

The artistic activities of Andrea Malar are multiple but his goalhis to find the perfect symbiosis between sculpture and graphical signs.

The artist is fascinated by the purity of the elements of his rusty metal sculptures and by the absolute simplicity of the graphic compositions of his etchings.




The identical/the different

The angle/ the line

The asymmetry/ the symetry

The outside/ the inside

The before/ the after

The light/ the obscurity

The two dimensional/ the three dimensional The square/ the cubic The natural/ the artefact The black/ the color The descent/ the rise The concrete/ the symbolic The different/ the identical The homogeneous/ the heteroclite The rough/ the fine The static/ the movement The simple/ the complicated The finished/ the unfinished




Andra Malar takes part to numerous individual and collective shows in Switzerland and abroad and in international art fairs.

Monumental sculptures have been made through the movement "Kunst am bau" and for public spaces.

2006 Art Karlsruhe 2006, Allemagne

Seminar Zentrum Sempachersee, Nottwil (jusqu’en mai 2007)

Skulptur 2006, Galeries de Bern, (Galerie Christine Brügger), sculpture


2005 Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern, Suisse

Galerie Artesol, Solothurn, Suisse

Art Karlsruhe 2005, Allemagne

Carré d'Art, Vinelz, Suisse

JETZTKUNST 2005 Schüpfen/Bern (Exposition suisse de sculptures monumentales)


  1.       Galerie Artena, Waltenschwil, Suisse

USZ Universitätsspital (Hopital universitaire), Zürich, Suisse

Art Karlsruhe 2004, Allemagne

Carré d'Art, Vinelz, Suisse

Università Collegio Cairoli Pavia, Milan, Italie

Galerie Hunziker, Zürich, Suisse

Kunstmesse Salzburg 2004, Autriche