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BOSSER Jacques : FLEURS-15-I - original quatint print by Jacques BOSSER

FLEURS-15-I - original quatint print by Jacques BOSSER
450.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ďż˝ Without frame)
BOSSER Jacques
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
50x50 cm

Biographie de BOSSER Jacques

Jacques BOSSER


Jacques Bosser is a French contemporary painter born in Le Havre (Normandy) in 1946.
He is also a photographer, drawer and sculptor.

From his African childhood and travels, he kept a fascination for signs and magic that helped him creating an original pictural language, hence this abundance of archaic traces coming out from the origins : circles, spirals, ellipsis, pure pigments swirls referring to the universal alphabet.
He often collates them with photographic images without choosing between representation and abstraction leading the spectator to pay more attention to the comprehension of the artwork.
" I try to get rid of all references to obtain the prime elements and forms we have in ourselves; these are very simple: circles, spirals...there are part of the collective unconsciousness and remind a kind of primitive innocence.