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BOGART Bram : DEUX FORMES BLEUES (two blue shapes) - Aquaprint by Bram BOGART

DEUX FORMES BLEUES (two blue shapes)  - Aquaprint by Bram BOGART

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Handmade paper
Size (cm)
53x67 cm

Bram Bogart works directly with the color tubes. Hereby he creates a systems, where each color, pure as it is takes effect and interacts.  

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Biographie de BOGART Bram


 Bram Bogart was born in Holland in 1921.

He is one of the artists of the ‘Informel’, the loosely knit aesthetic movement which produced a generation of painters in the early 1950s. The movement included such European artists as Alberto Burri in Italy, and Antonio Tàpies in Spain, whose textural canvasses distance them from their American counterparts, the Abstract Expressionists. From 1946 Bogart worked in Paris for a decade, a difficult time during which a typical reaction to his work (from a Dutch critic) was ‘a form of rock and roll with paint in its most stupid manifestation’. However after his move to Belgium in 1959, Bogart’s work became widely recognized. From the early 1960s onwards his canvasses are characterised by a new technique radiant with colour, light and optimism. Bogart became a Belgian citizen in 1969. Bogart’s work has been the subject of countless one-man shows around the world.