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WAYDELICH Raymond Emile : Bugatti et cigognes - original aquatint by Raymond WAYDELICH

Bugatti et cigognes - original aquatint by Raymond WAYDELICH

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WAYDELICH Raymond Emile
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
120x40 cm

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Biographie de WAYDELICH Raymond Emile

















Born in Strasbourg-Neudorf, on 14 September 1938. Son of Marcel Waydelich, cabinet-maker and Frieda Schneider, botanist.


“I was sent to Soursac in the Perigord during World War II to stay with my grandmother, Frédérique, my grandfather Emile, and my mother. Back to Alsace in 1941, we were housed in Gougenheim where I attended school in 1943. Two years later in 1945, we returned to Neudorf. It was the end of the war and I heard  French for the first time. At that same  time, I discovered bananas, chewing gum and the transistor radio (American). In 1947,in the local cinema, I made the acquaintance of Zorro, Errol Flynn and John Wayne. I became a dreamer and was expelled from the municipal school rue du Lazaret. Hopeless, at 10, I attended the Matzenheim college. I read in the newspaper "Spirou" and the stories of Uncle Paul,


In 1949 I became seriously ill and turned back to Neudorf rue du Zellenberg. During the 18 months I was confined to bed, I took the time to read, a miracle. Destiny did not want me dead. I started dreaming of fishing, palm trees, travelling...

At 14, I was apprenticed to my father, a wood sculptor. At 15, by the grace of Professor Louis Fritsch, I was accepted  in art school in Strasbourg (Ecole des Arts Decoratifs). My life was changed. It was another world. At the end of four years I obtained my first diploma and Grand Prix of the city of Strasbourg. I passed the entrance exam of the Arts Deco School of Paris, where I spent two years and obtained my second diploma.

In 1959, I served in the army, in the  Information & Photos section. After 9 months, I  joined the photographic division and  left France for Algeria as a photographer for 18 months of war. In 1961 I made my first photographic report on the Roman archaeological sites in Algeria. At the beginning of 1962, I returned to my father's cabinet-making business in Neudorf as a decorator.

It was around 1970 that I started my own artistic creations.

I travelled to North Tunisia to the archaeologic site of Tabarka.

In 1972 I travelled and visited the ancient sites of Ephesus, etc. in Turkey. In 1973 I found a manuscript dated 1890  which belonged to an apprentice fashion designer, Lydia Jacob, born in Neudorf. I started to tell the story of her life, she has become my associate. My life was transformed, and Lydia became a star. I had my first exhibition in 1973/74.

In 1978, I was chosen for the Venice biennale, ten years after Hans Arp. In the French Pavilion (commissioner J.J. Leveque), I exhibited "L'homme de Frehof, 2720 apres J.C." which I dedicated to Lydia Jacob.

The exhibitions and travels continue.”


                                         R.E. Waydelich : Merchant of Happiness and Archeolog of the Future





Pforsheim, Galerie Günter Krauss D

Hugstetten, Galerie Regio D

Paris, Galerie Le soleil dans la tête » F


Köln, Internationale Kunstmesse D

Eutlingen, Galerie Domberger

Basel, Art 1975, One man show, Galerie Regio


Hagen, Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Galerie Domberger D


Venise, Biennale de Venise, Pavillon Français, I

L’homme de Frédehof « 2750 Après J.C. »

Hommage à Lydia Jacob, Ministère de la culture Française


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New York, Art Expo 80, USA, Galerie Domberger, Reutlingen


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Freiburg, Tief Garage, Augustiner Platz „3500 nach Christus“

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New York, Galerie Foster Goldstrom USA


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Freiburg, Buromarkt Streit., Deutschland



 Permanent exhibition in Galerie L’Estampe (Strasbourg)


Strasbourg : St’art

Paris : Art Paris

New York : Art Expo

Frankfurt : Ambiente et Tendence

Birmingham : Spring Fair