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500.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ďż˝ Without frame)
MERZ Albert
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Size (cm)
56x76 cm

Biographie de MERZ Albert

Born in Switzerland in 1942  Albert Merz came to art quite late in life; he describes himself as a late bloomer. At the age of 38 he joined an art school in Berlin, after first trying his hand at theatre production.Channeling the art of assemblage, first  made famous by the modern artists of the 1950’s, such as Matisse, Merz uses the

juxtaposition of recognisable objects and shapes to create abstract parallels within his pieces.

The contrast of light and dark colour overlaid on one another give the illusion of depth, much like a still life painting of a classical era. Merz commonly has his shapes duelling, as if both attempting to embody the artwork as much as the other, building the objects character and the works narrative. His intention is to give balance

between the two, using the aquatint process to create light, dark and a contrast.


Art school from Berlin 1980-1984

Grant holder from the city of Berlin 1986

Residence in Instituto Svizzero Roma 1986


recent exhibitions :

1990 Galerie Jacob, Oldenburg D

Galerie ARTforum, Hannover D

Galerie Dau al Set, Barcelona SP

Galerie Beau Lezard, Sète F

Galerie Gastaud,, Clermond-Ferrand F

Galerie B, Besançon F

Galerie Krief, Paris F

Galerie Holbein, Lindau D

1991 Galerie Lietzof Berlin D

Galerie Ernst Hilger, Frankfurt D

Edition Gutsch, Berlin D

Städt. Galerie, Laibach ( slow)

Galerie Lea Gredt, Luxembourg L

Galerie Partikel, Luzern CH

Galerie Heimesoff, Essen D

Galerie Bäumler, Regensbourg D

Galerie Steinmetz, Bonn D

Galerie Patricia Asbaek, Kopenhaven

Galerie Gardy Wiechern, Hambourg D

1992 Galerie Aklundh, Lund (S)

Galerie Mesmer Basel CH

Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz A

Galerie Baumgarten, Freiburg D

Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller, Zürich CH

1993 Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart D

Espace Suisse, Strasbourg F

Galerie Bernhard Schindler, Bern CH

Galerie Steinmetz, Bonn D

Galerie Bergmann, Stockholm S

Galerie Lötcher, Luzern C

1994 Galerie Elitzer, Saarbrücken D

Galerie Tangente, Eschen Lichtenstein

Galerie Wiechern, Hamburg D

Galerie Hartmann & Noé, Berlin D

Galerie Boehler, Bensheim D

Galerie Krief, Paris F

Galerie ARTforum, Hannover D

Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller, Zürich CH

1995 – Galerie am Kleinen Markt, Manheim D

Espace Suisse, Strasbourg F

Galerie Bommer, Zug CH

Galerie Bernhard Schindler, Bern CH

1996 Galerie Triebold, Basel CH

Galerie Holbein, Lindau D

Galerie Bergmann, Malmö S

Galerie Hannelore Lötcher, Luzern CH

Kunstkabinet, Regensburg D

Galerie Rasmus, Odense DK

1997 Galerie Hartmann & Noe, Berlin D

AL Galerie Walz, Stuttgart D

Editions Remy Bucciali, Colmar F

1998 Galerie La cité, Luxembourg L

Galerie Gardy Wiechern, Hamburg D

Galerie Bernard Schindler, Bern CH

Galerie ARTforum, Hannover D

Athena Art Gallery, Kortrijk, B

Galerie Karla Renggli, Zug CH

Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller, Zürich CH

Galerie Möller Witt, Sönderburg DK

BMB Galerie Amsterdam NL

1999 Galerie Hartmann & Schelble, Basel CH

Galerie Rasmus Odensk DK

Galerie Elitzer, Saarbrücken

Galerie Hannelore Lötscher, Luzern CH

Galerie 89, Aarwangen D

2000 Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart D

Galerie Hilger extern, Wien D

Galerie Holbein, Lindau D

BMB Galerei Amsterdam NL

Kunstverein Eislingen D

Galerie Carla Renggli, Zug CH

Kunstraum Victor Hotz AG, Steinhausen D

2001 Galerienverien , Leonberg D

Städtische Galerie im Fruchtkasten des Klosters Ochsenhausen D

Galerie Bergman, Malmö S

Galerie Rasmus, Kopenhagen S

Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart D

Galeire Uirsula Wiedenkeller, Zürich CH

Kunstagentur Karin Melchior, Kassel D