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MONADÉ Vinça : 14-1 - original aquatint print by Vinça MONADÉ

14-1 - original aquatint print by Vinça MONADÉ
600.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T ïżœ Without frame)
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
76x56 cm

Biographie de MONADÉ Vinça

Teacher of Applied Arts in the DMA Ceramics Section of École du Gué á Tresmes. To her teaching career, Vinça has also developed her own personal work as an artist.

She started her apprenticeship by studying graphic arts at L'Atelier d'Amore at l'École des Beaux Arts de Paris. She carried on with her studies by completing a degree in Art History.

At a young age she discovered etching and turned towards drawing in a systematic manner.

“Conscious that figuration must be addressed differently and that approaching the real through the line can renew its perception, I put drawing at the centre of my questioning. I talk very little about the real, I limit myself to drawing a flower, a leaf, a tree. Those subjects appear purely under the form of a sketch, a line, a trace, a “simple presence”. A line that I work like a sculpture or even like a calligraphy.”

“The line- abstract or figurative- is always present. And from then on, combinations open: the black line integrate itself to the surface or the colours and even disappears. Through the search for simplification, the abstract line reappears again. But my work defines itself as a dialogue between abstraction and figuration, a constant back and forth journey between those two worlds, mutually enriching each other.”

“Quite recently a new necessity attracted me towards colour without the presence of a sketch or a line. Colour is the expression of a memory, of landscapes. “Colour of the fields” is a work on fragments. This work comes as a renewed introspection, a reminiscence of landscapes,  remembered and still present, anchored in my memory or part of my daily environment : an outlook also more open where colour and surface enrich one another and unite in a display of multiple combinations: a surface turning into another. This work reflects my taste for colour; its plenitude, its rowdy and brutal strength which reminds me of the medieval illuminations- so luminous.”

“By its lightness, its whiteness, its timelessness, paper is the best medium on which I draw, etch, stick or use in serigraphy : I often mix those techniques. “




Creative artist book « Couleurs de champs » and « Lignes de nuit » January 2018

Editions « L’œil pour l’œil »

Artiste residency, Colmar, Bucciali Galery, 11 engravings july 2017

Editions January 2018



Arts Élysées Paris, Rémy Bucciali Galery, November 2016

Museum Saint Jean, exhibition « le dessin d’abord », collective exhibition, sept/déc. 2016, Nogent le Rotrou


Residency, july 2016, Editions Rémy Bucciali, Colmar


Exhibition « Estampes », Christophe Boïcos, collective exhibition, OBerkampf galery, mai


Expressions d’Aujourd’hui, Christophe Gohee


Book Fair of Paris, Editions Chatoyantes, April 2016                                                     



Book Fair of Paris, Editions Chatoyantes, Creative artist book « les Riches heures  »


Galerie l’Estampe, Galerie de l’Art & Éditeur, Strasbourg


Trowbridge Fine Art Galery, London


Base Galery, Tokyo


Chris Boïcos Fine Arts, Galery 8, collective exhibition, December 2015

               Paris Arts Élysées Paris, Rémy Bucciali Galery


Musée Bossuet, « Lignes », collective exhibition, May - September 2015



Salon Pages, Editions Chatoyantes


 l’Estampe, Galery the Art & Éditor, Strasbourg


Trowbridge Fine Art Galery, London


Base Galery, Tokyo


Arts Élysées Paris, Rémy Bucciali Galery



6 engravings, Rémy Bucciali, Colmar Décember


Galery “les bains douches”, Collective exhibition

Agnès Desflèches – Vinça Monadé, Arnay le Duc (côte-d’Or) August

Order of two engravings, L’Amateur d’Estampe



“ Passage du Bureau”, Paris 11e, Realization of a mural for the town hall ,                   October 2012



Le préau (Paris 11e), mai 2012, personal exhibition

, Creative artist book « Bête en Herbes », Edition l’Oeil pour l’Oeil



Le préau (Paris 11e), “ Charles in the dark”, personal exhibition may


 “Baltazar” Galery, Dominique Thibaux, Bruxelles




“Baltazar” Galery, Dominique Thibaux, Bruxelles