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CAÏRO Christophe : H-I-R-A-M/ A

H-I-R-A-M/ A
350.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T � Without frame)
CAÏRO Christophe
Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Size (cm)
66x50 cm

Biographie de CAÏRO Christophe

Born in Toulouse (France) in 1964

Self-taught in art





Cairo’s work  

Cairo’s work draws its own universe, full of metaphors and crossed references. The origins of this colorful creation are multiple: history, business world, psychology, religion, spirituality, esoteric, comics, rock, family, advertising, …


The story Cairo tells is not linear. It can be found in all his works.

His visual language is multifaceted: painting, drawing, and photo, art work with the general public, engraving and art performance.

The images that are used have often different meanings, several “levels of meaning”. There is really not a specific message. The work is suggestive. Universal symbols are found throughout.


When he works, Cairo tries to stay, as long as possible, in what he called the “transition stage”. It is the moment between the pure instinct of the creative strength (disorganized and impulsive) and the realization of a final product (ultimate step of the creative process).

In this stage of “transition”, where everything is possible and “in progress”, Cairo can increase his imagination by giving himself more freesdom and by taking more risks.




Recent exhibitions and projects



2007                      Courant d’Art gallery – Mulhouse France

                   Contemporary art center – Brno Czech Republic


2006           Cheloudiakoff gallery– Belfort France

                   Crid’art gallery – Amnéville France


2005                      Strasbourg art fair START – Cheloudiakoff gallery

Art Paris Fair – l’Estampe gallery

Letzebuerger Artisten Center – Luxembourg

Suty gallery – Coye-la Forêt - Paris France

Book of paintings “unicity vs. uniformity”

Nîmes City


2004                      Château Haut-Gléon – Durban France

(creation of a « erotic vintage wine”)

Daragnès gallery – Paris France

Intercession gallery – Kerkdam Holland

Art Paris Fair– L’Estampe gallery – Strasbourg France


2003                      Cheloudiakoff gallery– Belfort France

Courant d’Art gallery – Mulhouse France

ARPAC - Montpellier