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CLEMENT Alain : CLS2 - original aquatinta print by Alain CLEMENT

CLS2 - original aquatinta print by Alain CLEMENT

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Original aquatint handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
48x38 cm
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Biographie de CLEMENT Alain


Alain Clément, who was born in 1941, is a self-taught artist who began painting at 20 years old. During his time teaching at the Fine Art Schools in Montpelier and Nîmes he established himself as an abstract painter. Clément’s expressive abstract strokes within his images fill his prints with motion and energy. The simplicity allows us, as the viewer, to enjoy the full vibrancy of his choice of colour, boldly creating that emotive energy.

His artistic style has developed over nearly 40 years and his abstract paintings sit comfortably between expression and a search for composition. His paintings and sculptures are represented in many great public collections across the world including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

They are individually numbered and signed by the artist and are one of 50.