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HASEGAWA Shoichi : Aube (Dawn) - New Lithography by S. Hasegawa

Aube (Dawn) - New Lithography by S. Hasegawa
250.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T – Without frame)
Original lithography handsigned by the artist
Rives paper
Size (cm)
36x53 cm

A slightly different style compared to his engravings but one knows at first sight the work is from Shoichi Hasegawa. In his last two lithographies he embraces the subject of night and day. An extraordinary work with 18 layers of impression.  

Biographie de HASEGAWA Shoichi

Soichi Hasegawa is amongst the most famous contemporary Japanese artist.

The world known Japanese engraver and painter Shoichi Hasegawa, came to Paris in 1961 to deepen his knowledge of colour etching techniques and acquire a mastery which would award him the first prize of engraving at the International Exposition in Come, Italy in 1968. The number of his awards in the past two decades, come to top his exhibition in the USA, Africa, Europe and Japan. Both American and European Museums have enriched their collections with his painted and engraved works, as a hyphen between the oriental and occidental worlds. This dualism is mirrored throughout all his works where the firmness of his symbolic and secretive style plays with the colours and the transparent, harmonious halftones. The mystery and poetry which become apparent in his works, know to challenge time without tiring the eye.


Shoichi Hasegawa was born in Yaizu, Japan in 1929.

He studied painting in Tokyo.

His first personal painting exposition in Tokyo, took place in 1957

He came to Paris with his wife in 1961 to learn the technique of colour etching engraving at l’”Atelier 17” (S.W. Hayter).

In 1965, he won a prize at the international Engraving Exhibition in Ljubljana, and in 1968, the first prize of engraving at the International Exposition in Come. In 1972, he was awarded the International Prize of the exhibition “Third Civilization” in Tokyo.

Member of Contemporary Young Engraving.               


Fairs and exhibitions



Kunigi Gallery, Tokyo, JP


Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, JP

Institut franco-japonais, Tokyo, JP


Exhibition of Contemporary Young Engraving in the National Library in Paris, F

Réalités nouvelles (Etchings)

International Exhibition of Etchings in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia


Réalités Nouvelles (Etchings)

International Exhibition of Etchings in Grenchen, CH

                  Philadelphie Gallery, Paris, F

« La nouvelle gravure » Gallery, Paris, F


International Exhibition of Etchings in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

Sallskapets Gallery, Stockholm, S


International Exhibition of Etchings in Cracovie, P

Musée D’art Moderne, Mala Galerija, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia


International Exhibition of Etchings in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

International Exhibition of Etchings in Grenchen, CH

                  Grossley Gallery, Melbourne, Australie

Kleine Gafikgalerien, Paris, F


Premio internazionale Biela (Etchings) Côme, I

Philadelphie Gallery, Paris, F

Mimesis Gallery, Bordeaux, F


International Exhibition of Etchings in Menton, F

« La taille Douce » Gallery, Bruxelles, B


Royale, Kobe, Jp


« L’astrée » Gallery, Saint Etienne, F

« La taille Douce » Gallery, Bruxelles, B


Série La pochade, Paris,


Exhibition « Coignard, Papart, Hasegawa » Vision Nouvelle in Paris, 1979    

Salon de Mai (Etchings), Paris, F


International Exhibition 8° biennale à Menton (paintings), F


Exposition Bienale d’art Contemporain (paintings) Brest, F


Affiche artistique pour l’unesco, Science et Technologie, Edition Vision Nouvelle

Club de l’Unesco, Galerie de L’épée Quimper , F


Première triennale mondiale d’estampes de petits formats à Chamalières, F, (Etchings)

Grande exposition prix de France des arts plastiques, conciergerie de Paris, F


La Hune Gallery, Paris, F


SAGA, Paris, F

Salon des Antiquaires, Lausanne, CH


Salon de Mai (Etchings), Paris, F


22° rencontre d’arts plastiques, Château Arnoux, invité d’honneur, F


Salon d’automne,  Sannois 2004, Invité d’Honneur, Sannois, F



6°Biennale européenne de gravures, Invité d’Honneur, Lorient, F


Collections and museums


Victoria and Albert Museum, Londres, GB (gravures)

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, F(gravures)

Musée d’art Moderne, New York, U.S.A.  (Gravures)                                                                             

Ministère des affaires culturelles, Paris, F (gravure)

Lowe Museum, Coral Gables, Floride, USA (painters)

Académie of the arts, Easton, Maryland, U.S.A. (painters)

Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (painters)

Norrkôpings Museum, S, (peintures)

Musée National OSAKA, JP

Musée Départemental NARA, JP

Musée Tokyo Fuji, JP