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ZHOU HAO : 181 F aquatinte de ZHOU HAO

181 F aquatinte de ZHOU HAO
600.00 € 
(Foreign countries : without V.A.T – Without frame)
Aquatinte originale signée
Support / Matériau

Biographie de ZHOU HAO



1960 né a Shanghai en Chine


En permanence à la galerie l’Estampe

Expositions selectionées

1987  "12th Exhibition of University of Art of Print" (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts,Tokyo,Japan)
1989    "4th International Biennial Print Exhibition:1989 ROC"(Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taiwan).
1990   "58th Japan Print Association Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art,Tokyo,Japan).
1991   "59th Japan Print Association Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art,Tokyo,Japan).
1993    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Aries,Tokyo,Japan),Sep.
1994    Solo Exhibition (O Gallery,Ginza,Tokyo,Japan), Sep.
1994   "62th Japan Print Association Exhibition" (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art,Tokyo,Japan).
1995    Solo Exhibition (Gallery 219,Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
1995    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Gubaku,Saitama,Japan),Jun.
1996    Solo Exhibition (Gallery 219,Tokyo,Japan),May. 
1996    Solo Exhibition (Gallery ACS,Nagoya,Aichi,Japan),Jul.
1997    Solo Exhibition (O Gallery,Ginza,Tokyo,Japan),Jun.
1997    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Moe,Minamiaoyama,Tokyo,Japan),Nov.
1997    "Kracow International Print Triennial"(Kracow,Poland).
1997     "22nd nternational  Biennial of Graphic Art"(Ljubuljana,Slovenia).
1998    Solo Exhibition (Gallery 219,Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
1998    Solo Exhibition (Gallery ACS,Nagoya,Aichi,Japan),Sep.
1998    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Fine Art, Osaka,Japan),Nov.
1998    "Agart World Print Festival"(Ljubuljana,Slovenija).
1998   "Tokyo International mini-print triennial"(Tama art University Museum,Tokyo,Japan).
1998   "6th Masion Franco–Japonaise Poster Contest"(Bunkamura Gallery,Tokyo,Japan)<award>.
1999    Solo Exhibition (Gallery art works,MIsima,Japan),Apr.
1999    Solo Exhibition (Gallery 219,Tokyo,Japan),Jul.
1999    "12th Norwegian International Print Triennale"(Norway).
1999    "Kanae Print Grand Prix Competition"(Retion Plaza UedaSozoukan,Nagano,Japan).
1999   "Lines of Sight–Tactility,Tracks and Territory" (Musasino art University Museum & LIbrary,Tokyo,Japan),May.
1999   "Lines of Sight–Ideas,Forms and Materialities"(University of Alberta FAB Gallery Edmonton,Canada),Oct.
2000   Solo Exhibition (Art land Gallery,Kagawa,Japan),Mar.
2000   Solo Exhibition (Gallery Art Kageyama,Fujie,Japan),Jun.
2000   Solo Exhibition (Gallery Jin,Tokyo,Japan),Feb.
2001   Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kobo,Ginza, Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
2001   Solo Exhibition "Zuou Hao Abstract Prints Exhibition"(T.Q Gallery,Shanghai,China),May.
2001   Solo Exhibition(Gallery Lanpuya,Kawasaki,Kanagawa,Japan),Nov.
2002    Solo Exhibition (Susono Art House,Izu,Sizuoka,Japan),Apr.
2002   "Zhou Hou+Katayama Takayoshi Two Persons Exhibition" (Gallery Kobo,Ginza,Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
2002    Solo Exhibition (Gallery 219,Tokyo,Japan ),May.
2002    Solo Exhibition(Souzou Gallery Lei,Fujisawa, Kanagawa,Japan),Sep.
2002    "Seoul Space International Print Biennial"(Seoul,Korea).
2002    "Shanghai Art Fair"(Shanghai,China),Nov.
2002   "The 5th Kochi International Triennale Exhibition of Prints" (Kochi,Japan)
2002    "Kanae Print Grand Prix Competition"(Retion Plaza UedaSozoukan,Nagano,Japan).
2003    Solo Exhibition"Zhou Hao Abstract Prints Exhibition"
            (One Xintiandi, Shanghai,China / Sponsonored:Shanghai Artists
           Association Print Committee; Shui On Properties Limied;Shanghai T.Q Gallery),Jan.
2003    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Mutsu,Chiba,Japan),Mar.
2003    Solo Exhibition(Gallery Wattu,Minamiaoyama,Tokyo,Japan),Jun.
2003    "Zhou Hou+Katayama Takayoshi Two Persons Exhibition"(Gallery Kobo,Ginza,Tokyo,Japan),Oct.
2003     "Shanghai Art Fair"(Shanghai,China),Nov.
2004    Solo Exhibition (Art land Gallery,Kagawa,Japan),January.
2004    Solo Exhibition  (Souzou Gallery Lei,Fujisawa, Kanagawa,Japan),Mar.
2004    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Yasokawa,kobe,Japan),Apr.
2004    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kobo,Ginza, Tokyo,Japan),May.
2004    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Wattu,Minamiaoyama,Tokyo,Japan ),Nov.
2004    Solo Exhibition(Gallery,Kawamatsu,Tokyo,Japan),Dec.
2004   "Asia international fine arts exhibition"(Daegu culture and art center,Daegu,Korea),<Accepted invitation>.
2005     Solo Exhibition"Zhou Hao Abstract Prints Exhibition"
           (Peninsula Arts Museum; Shanghai,China / Sponsonored: Shanghai Artists
            Association Print Committee;Peninsula Arts Museum;Shanghai T.Q Gallery), Mar.
2005    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Tems,Tokyo,Japan),May.
2005    Solo Exhibition"Zhou Hao Exhibition" (Itamuro Kankou Hotel
            Daikokuya,Tochigi,Japan/Sponsonored:Itamuro Kankou Hotel Daikokuya & Gallery Jin),Sep.
2005    Solo Exhibition (Souzou Gallery Lei,Fujisawa, Kanagawa,Japan),Oct.
2005    "Seoul International Print, Photo & Edition Works Art Fair"Seoul,Korea.
2005   "Tokyo International mini-print triennial"(Tama art University Museum,Tokyo,Japan).
2005     "Shanghai Art Fair"(Shanghai,China),Nov.
2006    Solo Exhibition (Gallery M2,Kochi,Japan),Feb.
2006    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kobo,Ginza, Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
2006    Solo Exhibition (Kaigado Gallery ,Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
2006    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Yasokawa,kobe,Japan),Apr.
2006    Solo Exhibition (Art land Gallery,Kagawa,Japan),Jun.
2006    Solo Exhibition (UMG Gallery,Hongkong) ,July.
2006    "Chinesische Perspektiven"(Galerie Ruhnke,Potsdam,Germany),Aug.
2006     "Shanghai Art Fair"(Shanghai,China),Nov.
2007    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Wattu,Minamiaoyama,Tokyo,Japan ),Feb.
2007    Solo Exhibition (Liberal Art JPN,Hiroshima,Japan ),Mar.
2007    Solo Exhibition (Kaigado Gallery ,Tokyo,Japan),Jun.
2007     "Art Shanghai "(Shanghai,China),May.
2007     "Shanghai Art Fair"(Shanghai,China),Nov.
2008    Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kobo,Ginza, Tokyo,Japan),Feb.
2008    Solo Exhibition (Gallery,Kawamatsu,Tokyo,Japan),Mar.
2008    Solo Exhibition (Gallery AMI,Osaka,Japan),Apr.
2008    Solo Exhibition (Art land Gallery,Kagawa,Japan),May.
2008    Solo Exhibition (Liberal Art JPN,Hiroshima,Japan ),Jun.
2009    Solo Exhibition(Plusone Offside Gallery ,kitaaoyama,Tokyo,Japan ),Apr.


Collections publiques

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts,Japan.
Pari Museum of Graphic Art,France.
Kracow National Museum,Porland.
Centre of international Graphic Work,Norway.
Musasino art University Museum&LIbrary,Japan.
Cathay Print Museum,China.
Tama Art University Museum ,Japan.
Sekiguchi Museum ,Japan.